The lockdown made me pick up my clarinet again

Learning the clarinet - for adults

A lot has happened in the world since I last published a blog post here and in writing this, I in no way want to trivialise or diminish the importance of any of the events of the past few months.

Changing times

This is a time of many changes.  And sometimes change can provide us with new opportunities or it can challenge how we look at the world.  It can also make us take stock and zero in on what matters to us.

During the lockdown, I experienced all of these things, especially the latter.  I had allowed the blog domain (address) to lapse and had spent time working on all sorts of other things that didn’t interest me in the slightest.

With no work available and time on my hands, I realised that I loved playing the clarinet and loved writing about learning the clarinet. 

So why on earth wasn’t I doing either of those things anymore?  And precisely how long was I going to think about playing the clarinet and writing blog posts while doing nothing about either?

And so, here I am.

I am back.

Making the most of missed opportunities

I took the clarinet out of its case and assembled it (tick!), I attached the dampened reed without damaging it (tick!) and I played a few notes without squeaking (double tick!).

I managed to get the blog address back (thankfully no-one had snapped it up after it lapsed!) and last week, I began updating the pages and fixing the broken links.  The blog now looks better, feels more modern and more importantly, it works.

While I was updating and fixing the blog, I discovered that a number of people had tried to subscribe to the Vibrating Reed newsletter.  Pre-2018, they were successful in doing so, but some newer subscribers, realising that the newsletter link had stopped working, left comments on the newsletter page asking to join the subscriber list.

I am so thankful and am honoured that you took the time to do this because I had no idea that anyone (other than me) was interested in this blog, not having had any feedback from anyone when I was actively publishing blog posts.

But enough of the navel gazing! 

Getting everything in working order

I’ve managed to fix all the links – and the newsletter link is now working again (yes!). 

I’ve added all of the subscribers to my shiny, new, fully functioning newsletter list, including those who expressed a wish to join, but were unable to. 

If you’re new here and would also like to subscribe to the Vibrating Reed newsletter, so that you don’t miss out on my fortnightly blog posts and periodic updates, please do.

And now, back to the newly-established, regular schedule…

A blog post every fortnight

I’ll be publishing to the blog every two weeks – and as before, I’ll discuss topics relating to learning the clarinet as an adult.

If you have ideas for topics you’d like me to cover, please let me know in the comments.

In the meantime, look around and share your views.

And if you’re new or you’ve been here before, welcome to the new, improved, revamped, on point… Vibrating Reed blog.

 Vibrating Reed – for adult learners of the clarinet