Clarinet Books for Adult Beginners

Here is a selection of clarinet books that are suitable for adults – which I have used and would recommend.

I have found that owning and using a selection of books is a great way to learn, be motivated and to keep learning.

These books will also expose you to a range of musical styles.
Because music tastes and learning styles differ, I have not added a rating for these books, but you are bound to find one or more that will suit you.

You will also find that different teachers will recommend their favourite books – based on their preferences or teaching style…

Learn As You Play Clarinet
Contains a generous selection of interesting and varied pieces – taking you from beginner level to around Grade 2 level.

A New Tune A Day for Clarinet
A picture-based book containing simple tunes, detailed explanations, fingering charts and images plus unit tests.

Amazing Solos for Clarinet and Keyboard
From Bach to Warlock, this popular book of classical music adapted for the clarinet will tantalise your fingertips as it tests your growing clarinet skills.

40 Modern Studies for Solo Clarinet
A generous selection of modern clarinet adaptations designed to stretch your musical development and improve your musical expression.