Clarinet Accessories

BG Thumb Rest Cushion

Unless you wear a neck strap, your right thumb will bear the weight of your clarinet while your play.

And even after a few minutes of playing, the metal thumb rest that comes as standard with the clarinet will test even the hardiest of thumbs.

The BG Thumb Rest Cushion provides the cushioning your thumb craves – to eliminate those unsightly (and sore!) thumb rest marks – guaranteeing pain-free clarinet playing sessions and a happier thumb.

Made with thickened rubber, the BG Thumb Rest Cushion fits easily and smoothly over the clarinet’s standard metal thumb rest – and stays firmly in place.

No need to remove it between practice sessions, or when you dismantle your clarinet.  Just attach once and it’s ready whenever you are.

Vibrating Reed verdict: a simple must-have, quality clarinet accessory.

Vibrating Reed rating: excellent.

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