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Learning to play the recorder and other musical instruments
I’d like to say that I have a musical background.

But apart from knowing the words to lots of songs, my only claim to any kind of musical ‘ability’ is a couple of years’ experience of playing the recorder – the descant and treble – every week at primary school (many, many years ago).

My recorder-playing days ended abruptly during my first few weeks at secondary school when the terrible truth dawned: I could not read music.
Not a single note. 

I realised that instead of following the musical notes on the sheets, I had spent my primary school years reading the letters that the music teacher had – with all the best intentions – written under the note of every piece of music we ever played…

Most members of my immediate family play a musical instrument including the piano, guitar and flute. And at various times over the past few years, other instruments (the violin, fife and saxophone) have made fairly brief appearances in our home.

In all cases, each was played by other members of the family.

For adult learners of the clarinet – in the words of an adult learner

But in December 2009, I knew my musical moment had arrived after I listened to some clarinet pieces online and found that the sound appealed.

And I’ve been hooked ever since…

I’ll be covering some of that journey here on this blog.  I hope you’ll enjoy visiting and reading the Vibrating Reed.

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