A warm welcome to all adults who are learning to play the clarinet

Learning to play the clarinet as an adult

Thanks for visiting my blog – Vibrating Reed – and welcome to my first post!

The Vibrating Reed blog is for adult beginners and learners of the clarinet. It is a place to discuss and share experiences – and exchange tips.

One of the reasons I set up this blog is because, as someone who is fairly new to this fascinating woodwind instrument, I found it difficult to get hold of easy-to-digest online information about clarinet learning for adults.

Most of the information I found on websites was either out of date, or tended to be geared towards children or to those with vast playing experience and/or knowledge.

From clarinet fingering to reed strength

As an adult learner of the clarinet, depending on your musical experience, there are all sorts of new things to get to grips with including, fingering, and reed strength, (and if you are new to music learning, or remember nothing from your school days) note names, to name just a few…

This is my attempt to fill that information gap – by creating a clarinet blog for adult beginners – and for all adults who consider themselves to be learning the clarinet.

There is a wealth of content all over the internet – including details about clarinet tutors and classes, plus where and how to buy clarinets and clarinet accessories.

This blog isn’t attempting to replace that information, but to complement it – while (hopefully!) being a lively place for adults who are learning the clarinet to share their experiences, tips or ideas.

Weekly clarinet blog posts – and two ideas to get you started

I will be posting to this blog every week – and each post will cover one area of learning the clarinet.  As a learner, I will be drawing on my own experiences – as well as the learning experiences that you share, or the suggestions you make.

I will be checking in regularly to keep an eye on posts and to add responses.

So, let’s begin.  What’s motivated you to start learning the clarinet and how long have you been learning?

Just a couple of ideas to get warmed up…but feel free to add other thoughts.

More ideas next week…

 Vibrating Reed – for adult learners of the clarinet