Thank you for visiting Vibrating Reed!

If you’re an adult and you’re learning to play the clarinet, you’re in good company!

I’m learning too – so why not go on this adventure together?

But you might be asking yourself…


As in, why have I set up this blog?

My main reason is that as an adult learner of the clarinet (the Bb or B Flat clarinet), I have noticed that many of the online resources available are for those who are either very experienced or very young.

As adult learners of the clarinet, we have some specific needs that can be overlooked.

And depending on your musical experience, it’s always useful to tap into other peoples’ ideas as you get to grips with anything from how to hold the clarinet, note fingering, producing a (steady) sound, finger strength, tongue position and more.

I hope that this blog will be the place for lively exchange, and that it will be a place that you will want to visit for discussion, inspiration and to share ideas.

Why the name?

As you’ve probably already guessed, the name of the blog was inspired by the small cane strip – the single reed that is used in clarinet mouthpieces.

When you blow into the mouthpiece of a clarinet, the reed vibrates to create that distinctive sound that seems to crop up everywhere where some musical expression is needed – from adverts to film scores.

So come in, look around, comment and enjoy the Vibrating Reed blog – the place for adult learners of the clarinet to discuss, enjoy and share.

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